“If you think you can, or think you can’t you are right”
Henry Ford

Confidence is a real passion of mine as I feel it underpins all human behaviour. The way we hold ourselves, the way we deal with adversity and within all of our human interactions, confidence plays a leading role. Lack of confidence stops us taking positive action and accepting full responsibility in our lives.

I believe with all my heart that if we have the confidence to allow ourselves to be vulnerable, to try something new, to put ourselves out there, then truly there is nothing that we are not capable of. The external rewards will be epic but the internal rewards will be life changing.

One simple but effective way of building confidence is by working on specific challenging goals that have been broken down to more manageable, bite size pieces. As you take positive action in a specific direction, one that has been completely chosen by you, you are firmly taking control of your life. It is a liberating and confidence building experience.

Will you join me on a journey, the results of which could last a lifetime?


Coaching for me is all about empowerment and self accountability. By accepting full responsibility you are taking back your power and putting yourself firmly in the driving seat. You decide where you want to go, when you want to arrive and how you want to get there. I My role as a Coach is purely as a facilitator. To ask you questions to illuminate your goals, highlight skills you were not aware you had, obstacles you had not foreseen and help you focus on the way forward.

In each coaching session we will explore your goal in depth, what is motivating you, what it holding you back and how you might like to get there. If you are fully committed to working on your goal and have the time to commit to it, working with a coach can pay dividends. If you haven't reached your goal yet and it is one that you have been dreaming of for some time, there may be an underlying reason that is preventing you. It may be that what you are aiming for is incongruent with your beliefs and values. Through coaching all of these aspects can be explored and a way forward discovered.

About Me

I have always been a life-long learner and have never been far away from formal education. I completed my psychology degree with the Open University whilst working full time, just before my daughters were born. I then changed to a part time role so that I could play a large role in raising them and have since gone on to get my coaching diploma, a diploma in NLP Applied Leadership and a Mentoring certificate. I fully understand the need to have a really good work-life balance, a strong support network and the importance of taking time out for myself when I can, in order to work on my own goals and priorities.

The need for a purpose......

I can always remember finishing school when I was sixteen and having the long 6 weeks holidays before I started my Youth Trainee position with Maidstone Borough Council in the September. The first two weeks I cherished after spending all that time studying for my exams, I was in desperate need of a break. However, as the weeks dragged on I began to feel a little bit lost. I have nothing to work on and no sense of purpose. My friend invited my raspberry picking at a local farm to earn some extra money and I gladly signed up. Every morning, when I awoke, I was so excited that I had somewhere to go and had a real purpose to getting up. I will never forget it. Since then I have always strived to find the purpose in my life and feel with coaching, that I have finally found it. I hope that if you choose to work with me, you gain a similar clarity.

Change…..And My Plan On How To Deal With It…

18th March 2018

I have always considered myself an optimist, a person who can always look on the bright side of any situation, so I’m not really sure what has happened to me over the last week…… It’s not that I have been miserable or glum, I have just noticed loads of changes in my behaviour simply because […]

A snow day….and my first blog!

1st March 2018

Well, it’s snowing outside and I can’t get off my drive so what better time to start my first blog. It’s been an eventful month for me. I have started a social media course (hence the blogging…) and created and run my very first confidence webinar. Only to a small crowd admittedly but that was […]


Working with Kate was a real joy for me. Her capacity to listen with deep empathy, her ability to create excellent rapport, and her ability to respond intuitively helped me to achieve far more that I deemed possible. With Kate’s support, not only did I achieve my goals and objectives I set for myself but the outcomes exceeded my expectations.
Kate displays the qualities and abilities of a great coach and I feel deeply honoured to have been given the opportunity to work with her.

The coaching sessions have been very helpful in so many ways. From the questions Kate asked me, I become more self aware and conscious of my thought processes. This helped me to challenge myself and also to think of things differently.
I felt at ease to explore things with my coach because she was non-judgemental and she listened to me actively. Kate asked me questions that help me to think of the reasons behind setting a particular goal and also to come up with ways of achieving the goals without feeling overwhelmed. The coaching sessions have been an eye opener for me, I have come away from each session with not only a goal to work towards but also highly motivated towards achieving the goal. I was able to identify possible barriers and we worked through how I would deal with the barriers should they come my way.
I can say that not only has the coaching experience had positive impact on me, it has also changed the way I think about things and how I approach situations. I have been able to achieve the goals I discussed and also taken away skills that will help me in the future around goal setting and achievement.

Kate has a naturally calms and confident presence and I have always felt safe during our sessions to explore the best way forward with my goals and my concerns. Kate expertly gets me to focus on what the actual goal is, helping me define the specifics of what I want, what’s behind it and how to do it. She is especially adept at guiding me to what’s led me to pursue my goals, really cementing for me what I want and why I want it.
Kate’s manner and techniques also enable me to tap into my inspirations. I always feel encouraged and eager – very eager – to crack on immediately with my actions. Kate’s methods have encouraged me to focus on my true priorities and my true loves and I’ve become more productive and even feel I have more energy because of that.

The session have had a very positive impact on me. Kate has a way of helping others gain clarity over both what they want to achieve and how that will make a difference for them which both motivates and encourages to reach our goals and achieve more than we’d ever imagined! Her style is motivating and her encouragement and challenge have helped me to believe in myself and what I can achieve.
L Simpson

I have a much more structured approach to the challenges in my life. My ability to deal with emotional situations has improved so much that I have been able to deal more effectively with what has been a very challenging year, due to some of the strategy’s that Kate has helped my develop. My self-esteem has grown. I am more focused. I am also not afraid of being myself and being quiet, not doing the usual self-defence of turning everything into a joke but dealing with the situation at the time. I am able to deal with more challenging people. My mantra has become: Act with a determination not to be turned aside of thoughts of the past and fears of the future and have courage and be kind.
A Taylor

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