“The education of a man is never completed until he dies.”
General Robert E. Lee

The enemy...

It holds us in place, stops us progressing and makes us cling to images of safety in our present position. It creates a "them" and "us", those that can and those that feel they can't. To what powerful force am I referring?... Confidence, or lack thereof. Confidence is a real passion of mine as I feel it underpins all human behaviour. The way we hold ourselves, the way we deal with adversity and within all of our human interactions, confidence plays a leading role. Lack of confidence is the anathema to taking positive action and accepting full responsibility in your life.

The Solution...

I believe with all my heart that if we have the confidence to allow ourselves to be vulnerable, to try something new, to put ourselves out there, then truly there is nothing that we are not capable of. The external rewards will be epic but the internal rewards will be life changing.

One simple but effective way of building confidence is by working on specific challenging goals that have been broken down to more manageable, bite size pieces. As you take positive action in a specific direction, one that has been completely chosen by you, you are firmly taking control of your life. It is a liberating and confidence building experience.

Will you join me on a journey, the results could last a lifetime?


Coaching for me is all about empowerment and self accountability. By accepting full responsibility you are taking back your power and putting yourself firmly in the driving seat. You decide where you want to go, when you want to arrive and how you want to get there. I My role as a Coach is purely as a facilitator. To ask you questions to illuminate your goals, highlight skills you were not aware you had, obstacles you had not foreseen and help you focus on the way forward.

In each coaching session we will explore your goal in depth, what is motivating you, what it holding you back and how you might like to get there. If you are fully committed to working on your goal and have the time to commit to it, working with a coach can pay dividends. If you haven't reached your goal yet and it is one that you have been dreaming of for some time, there may be an underlying reason that is preventing you. It may be that what you are aiming for is incongruent with your beliefs and values. Through coaching all of these aspects can be explored and a way forward can be explored.